In Livorno and more

First things first: I’ll be in Livorno tomorrow (that is, October 23), for a concert involving my acousmatic work “Musica per il chiostro di Royaumont”, which will be played in the beautiful auditorium of Istituto Mascagni at 6 pm, in the “Suoni Inauditi” festival. I’ll give an introductory talk at 3.30 pm (I think) at the Istituto. If anyone in the area is interested, please show up!

This being said, I realise I’ve not really understood what to do with this webpage yet, despite being quite proud of having one. There have been nice things around, such as some of my pieces being played around the world (Giacomo Baldelli has been touring the US with “Three Electric Creatures”, Proxima Centauri will perform “Gli atomi che s’accendevano e radiavano” a few times in China, and I feel like there is something else I’m forgetting, so I apologise for any omissions here), and I guess spreading the word about them is what a site like this is supposed to be for… I definitely have to figure out how to put this medium to good use. More coming soon, hopefully.

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